Can You Achieve Long-Term Time Lapse With Your GoPro?

There are many ways to create time lapse videos using your GoPro over short or long periods. GoPros have programming systems that make your life easier with an automated frequency of shots and longer recording duration. 

The latest GoPro models have a wide range of features and functions that pack a lot of power in a small package.

If you’d like to know how long a GoPro can time lapse with the right settings and the highest quality, read on and find out.

Time Lapse with GoPro

There can be some power issues when it comes to long-term time lapse projects using GoPro. However, it is possible to adjust its processor and let it run longer with low power consumption. 

GoPro has full functionality that allows you to set the shutter time interval, increase the speed while maintaining high 4k resolution, and an easy setup method.

How Long Can A GoPro Time Lapse

The latest GoPro Hero9 allows you to set it up for up to a 60 minute time-lapse. As it is an action camera, you can rely on its ability to last long enough in smooth motions. Just ensure that the unit has enough memory available for the length of the presentation you want to create.

5 Time Lapse Ideas To Achieve With Your GoPro

#1 Sunrise or Sunset

The sky projects beautiful colors whether in the morning or the evening, making it a perfect time lapse subject. You can immortalize a precious natural moment to a video in just a few seconds. 

You can set up your GoPro with the following specific settings:

  • Time-lapse video mode with an interval of 10 seconds.
  • You have to set the shutter to auto and the capture interval to 10 seconds with the night time-lapse photo mode.

#2 Moving Clouds

When we look at the sky, we quickly have the impression that the clouds are still. However, you will notice their movement as they get prevailed by the wind towards various directions when using GoPro time lapse with the right settings.

For the settings, you can set the time-lapse with an interval of 10 to 30 seconds, depending on the speed of the clouds.

#3 Busy City at Night

If you live in the city, go out on the streets with your GoPro and appreciate its modern beauty at any time of day, especially when the city gradually lights up. Under these conditions, it is necessary to use the night time-lapse photo mode to create an exploitable timelapse.

Depending on the speed of the subjects, choose an interval of 2 to 5 seconds between each capture. Then, set the shutter to 2 seconds to capture as much light as possible with a clear time lapse video.

#4 House or Building Construction

Another time lapse to achieve with your GoPro is to film a building construction. GoPro time lapse mode allows you to create a condensed video for this type of subject.

Naturally, longer projects have more extended intervals. So, perhaps a baseline of intervals for construction projects should do the trick in helping you achieve the best time lapse.

For example, you can film a DIY room renovation and show its progress from start to finish. Let’s say it’ll take about one week to finish the project; it would be best to use an interval of 1 to 5 minutes. Projects that would take one to six months longer to complete should have a time lapse interval of 5 to 30 minutes. And for construction projects that would take six months to two years can be recorded with 30 to 90 minutes time lapse intervals.

These projects require a lot of power, so remember to plug in your GoPro to keep up with the action.

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#5 Starry Night

Thanks to GoPro’s incredible settings, it is possible to film a starry night. You can easily observe the movement of the stars. It is absolutely essential that your spot of observation is as less polluted as possible by artificial lighting.

You have two settings options available depending on the conditions:

  • 20 seconds in the presence of a light source in the landscape (i.e., moon, distant artificial light)
  • 30 seconds when there is no light, and you are in total darkness. 


You can definitely achieve long-term time-lapse recordings using your GoPro, as long as you ensure that you have enough memory and power to sustain the intervals, length, and quality of the project. If you are looking for something with functionality, you don’t have to wonder if GoPro devices have the best features for you. They can last just as long as how you expect them to and produce the best results possible.

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What Are The Main Features To Consider For Advanced Security Cameras

Security and surveillance are becoming essential components to protect your home. And if you’re deciding to install a CCTV camera today, you also have to make sure that you are setting up the right systems to meet your needs.

When you choose a home security system, you are making a major investment in the safety and security of your family. Therefore, it’s important to get a system that will provide the most benefit to you.

So we invite you to read today’s post as we will discuss the main features to consider for advanced security cameras and make the most of the safety features for optimal protection of your residential property.

Things To Take Note Before Considering On Buying A Security Camera

Before we proceed into the main topic, allow us to share some facts and tips that will help you find the ideal CCTV camera system to satisfy your needs:

1. Modernization Is A Blessing To Consumers Like You – In a sense, modernization has allowed us to capitalize on the top features that were previously considered ‘premium’ a couple of years ago. And this is a great advantage to you since you are now able to install a CCTV camera that can monitor any untoward incidents and unfortunate events that may happen inside or outside your home.

2. The “Best” May Not Always Be The Best Choice – Don’t always go for the “best” as this term is fairly ambiguous. Instead, go for advanced security cameras that will meet your safety requirements to have the kind of protection that you really need.

The Analytics To Consider In Choosing The Right Security Camera System

Now let’s take a look at the main features to consider in choosing the right security camera system for your home:

Hi-Def (High-Definition) & Wide-Angle Video – Capturing hi-def videos is very crucial since it enables law enforcement authorities to identify thieves and suspicious individuals quickly as all the visual details are clearly defined. And it actually makes sense to have this feature since most smartphones and smart TVs now have Ultra-HD or 4K resolution.

On the other hand, have a wide-angle capability allows your camera to cover larger areas and eliminate the need for installing multiple CCTVs for wider video coverage.

Wireless Technology – This is also a plus feature since most criminals tend to cut off wires before breaking an entry in some cases. Aside from that, smaller variants of wireless security cameras are also used to protect your vehicle from car theft.

Wi-Fi Ready – This feature is also important so you can access (remote access), activate, or deactivate your security system in real-time through your smartphone and other mobile devices. In addition, a Wi-Fi capable CCTV lets you store video recordings on the cloud and archive footages for future use.

Motion Sensors And Night Vision – Last but not least is one of the most important features in advanced security cameras to consider. And the reason for this is intruders tend to attack during night time when there is low light.

In addition, having this feature allows you to cut down on storage space since the CCTV will only activate when motion is detected within your premises.

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