What Is the Google Guaranteed Badge, and How Does It Work?

Google has recently begun testing a new paid feature that allows qualifying businesses to update their GMB listing to include the Google Guaranteed badge for $50USD per month. Google is currently testing this function. If a company qualifies for the upgrade, they must undergo a screening procedure similar to the one used for Local Services in order to receive the Google Guaranteed badge on their profile. Google claims to make it easy for consumers to select you. For businesses to be profitable at SEO, this is a very competitive feature to retain, and it must be shown in the primary keywords section of your GMB page.

This feature, in my opinion, would be beneficial to companies that are already well-established in their niche market. I imagine it would be difficult to contend for longer tail keywords that are competitive but not primary in the long run. I believe it would be very useful for companies who have already established themselves in a local niche market and can upgrade their GMB listings to the Google Guaranteed badge.

Those considering this upgrade should consider whether their company has a chance to compete with larger rivals. They can get the Google Assured badge by updating their Google My Company profile. This feature, in my view, is better suited for companies that have a longer runway in their niche market and want to remain at the top of it. For those already in the thick of the market, I assume this function would be of minimal use in the short term.

This update, in my view, would be an excellent tool for companies that have developed themselves as market incumbents. This feature, in my opinion, would be of little benefit to companies that are focused on growth and expansion.